Gun Control

     The right to keep and bear arms is not a gift from the government. Unlike high-level security clearances, keeping and bearing arms is a right, not a privilege extended at the discretion of bureaucrats.

     I support the right to keep and bear arms.

     Some gun rights groups are too pusillanimous to tell it like it is. They might say that enforcing existing gun laws might have prevented somebody from gunning down a certain cop. They note the value of an armed public to resist tyranny, but they do not admit that such circumstances exist already. They don’t evaluate each case and point out how much the cop was in the wrong.

     Orthodox libertarian extremists do not accept Terry v. Ohio. We never did. We never will. Terry is a form of gun control, intended to make citizens defenseless at the worst possible time. If a person does gun down a cop, don’t you worry, there will be an investigation, and if it is proven that the cop-killer acted improperly in using deadly force, the cop-killer will be subject to civil and criminal penalties under the law, after a peer-review process. If that’s good enough for us when we are being held at gunpoint by a cop, then it is certainly good enough for the cop. Our rights are way more important than their safety.

     Take a tour of the Holocaust Museum and think what a few thousand cop-killers could have done. The Second Amendment was not written for the benefit of duck hunters.