Rights are not gifts from any government. Liberty is an unalienable right which no government can justly infringe.

     Whilst many civil rights activists are complaining that some persons face deportation hearings without the benefit of a lawyer or an interpreter, we orthodox libertarian extremists need to make our demands clear:

     Shut down the United States Border Patrol.

     The only legitimate reason anybody would need a permanent resident card is if he or she would want to apply for citizenship eventually. Since everybody is created with the unalienable right to liberty, there is no excuse for imposing immigration restrictions.

     Enemies of liberty offer worthless excuses for the Border Patrol. They re-elect candidates who support the theft of your money to pay for welfare programs instead of repealing the laws that impose poverty. If you leave a bowl of cat food on your lawn, don’t complain when stray cats wander into your yard.

     In a free country, you would not be forced to hire immigrants, nor would you be forced to rent to them. Strangely, bureaucrats call it employment or tenancy “at will” even when the rightful owner is forced by anti-discrimination laws. Many politicians enjoy buying votes this way: Vote for them and they’ll force somebody to hire your friend, or to rent to your friend.

     The blood of millions of Holocaust victims is on the hands of federal bureaucrats who prevented them from escaping to the United States of America. So is the blood of many Syrian refugees.

     Orthodox libertarian extremists must make it clear: We will not render aid to a Border Patrol goon in distress, and we urge others not to do so.

     On 22 November 2016, a United States Border Patrol goon, aided and abetted by two Nassau County deputies, was confronting six innocent persons in a pickup truck in Florida. The Border Patrol goon took three of the innocent persons into custody, and the other three tried to avoid a violent confrontation by leaving, two in the pickup truck and the other on foot. The deputies chased him onto SR-200, a busy highway. He made it safely to the median, and one of the deputies was struck by a sport utility vehicle and died at the scene. Orthodox libertarian extremists must stop mincing our words: It serves him right. He was free to turn in his badge and get a job instead. It’s not like there was ever any question whether governments have a right to restrict immigration: They never had any such right, period. Voters who elected politicians who support immigration restrictions have the blood of that cop on their hands. They voted for it.