Election integrity

     Election integrity is extremely important, given the cost of not having faith in elections. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate the times, manner and places of Congressional elections.

     Start with ballots printed by check printing firms, and with serial numbers concealed for privacy. After the polls close, night shift would start uncovering the serial numbers, time-stamping and scanning each ballot with a flatbed document scanner.

     The machine would read the ballot and its serial number, and would produce a list of all serial numbers with a vote for each candidate. Anybody could click on any serial number to see an image of that ballot and see that the machine got it right.

     The machine would list every ballot with a vote for your candidate, and a running count in the column to the left, so anybody could see how many votes each candidate got.

     If it sounds expensive, look at the cost of failing to do so in the 2020 presidential election.