Civil Rights

     Strangely, many liberals howl furiously when a business owner refuses to serve sickos, but then they are silent when the government uses gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests to intimidate the same business owner into refusing to sell alcoholic drinks to persons under 21. That is the real hate crime, because nobody chose to be younger than 21.

     I practice what I preach. As an orthodox libertarian extremist, I keep my idiot switch and my stupid switch shut off, and I follow good, sound, logical reasoning to arrive at the correct opinion: The sickos are not violating anybody’s rights by having a gay old time. Therefore, they must be tolerated. This does not mean anybody has to like them.

     Civil rights activists were right to protest when government-run indoctrination centers suffered the bullies to prey on queers. That had to stop. The perfect way to stop that would be to stop the government from using gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests to intimidate everybody into paying school taxes. Then legitimate schools would prosper, and would have to compete by improving safety, curriculum, hours, and prices.

     Outrage over unprovoked violence against queers, however, has led the government to ignore the rights of other persons.

     Palatine High School in Illinois was ordered to let a boy shower in the girls’ locker room. News media offer confusing accounts by calling him a transgendered girl. He is not a girl.

     Liberals insist that if a girl objects to showering when there is a boy in the room, she should learn to get over it. That is outrageous. I have a better idea. If a boy is disappointed that he is not a girl, he should learn to get over it.

     Picture Susie Cheerleader, who is pregnant by one of the players on the high school baseball team. At Aunt Edna’s Baby Farm in Fort Worth, Texas, she reviews the profiles of adoption applicants. Here’s a man and a woman saying they promise to love the baby with all their hearts. She turns the page to find a couple of queers who want to adopt her baby. If she is brainwashed enough with the politically correct nonsense from the government-run indoctrination center, she could very well deliver the baby, who has no say in the matter, into the hands of queers, who could have made babies themselves if they had wanted to, the same way my wife and I did.

     The sickos are not demanding simply to be left alone. When the kid gets older and it becomes obvious that there is something seriously wrong with the adoptive “parents,” the kid might accept an invitation from a classmate’s parents by simply boarding the other school bus, but the adopters would demand that the government get involved, and send gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests on a mission to track the kid down and force the kid back into the hands of homosexuals.

     Technically, the queers are not violating anybody’s rights by having a gay old time, but they knew they would not make a baby that way. Somebody smarter than I am designed things that way. Let them face the consequences or straighten out.

     Make no mistake: They made a choice. In 2018 I went to the Hudson Town Hall to switch from being a Republican to being a Libertarian, and now I will vote in Libertarian primaries, for Libertarian candidates. Switching from queer to straight is even easier. They can edit their dating website profile and then go on dates with persons of the opposite sex.

     Back in high school, I would answer unkind jokes a few different ways: You’re about as funny as a fart in a space suit. You’re about as funny as a firing squad standing in a circle. You’re about as funny as a queer in the Army.

     Years went by. Decades went by. Guess what? They allow queers into the Army. The mission of the Armed Forces is far too important to let the morale of the straight troops suffer. The men shower together. Chaplains are forbidden to preach the word of their God. Many service members won’t re-enlist. If they are so desperate for recruits that they have to accept queers, it is probably because so many folks don’t want to sign up for a war in Iraq that was started so Vice President Cheney’s friends at Halliburton could make money off the oil. Congress and the President shouldn’t start unjust wars.

     As a United States Senator, I will have to hire staff. It will be my duty to get a good deal for the money. I must not let my own personal dislike of queers get in the way of hiring the best-qualified applicants. It is not like I am running my own business with my own money.

     Liberals are frustrated when they review their options at the chessboard. The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations was chartered, “To hold forth a lively experiment that a most flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained with full liberty in religious concernments.”

     In a free country, you would not be required to hire queers, nor to rent to them. You would also be free to run a business and hire only queers, or buy buildings and rent only to queers. Strangely, it is called employment or tenancy “at will” even when the owner is forced against his or her will, by the government. That has to stop. Anti-discrimination laws applied to wholly private transactions have no place in a free country. Where a government intervention is cited as an excuse, such as a tavern that enjoys a limited-issue license affording it a government-protected monopoly, it is the licensing law that must be repealed. In a free country, anybody could buy a house on the market and open a saloon. You don’t have to go in there. Liberals could boycott businesses that refuse to serve sickos, but other people could buy-cott those businesses. What are the liberals afraid of? Let the lively experiment happen.