“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...

     During the Holocaust, Hitler and his goons exterminated millions of innocent persons. According to Raul Hilberg, a prominent Holocaust historian, 5,100,000 Jews were exterminated, in addition to all the other millions of victims. While Hitler was burning the house down, however, other countries trapped the victims by blocking the exits.

     After the Second World War, the absence of a refuge for Jews made the need for the State of Israel necessary, and now the United States is entangled in an alliance with that government. The availability of the State of Israel, however, does nothing for the other categories of persecution victims, past or present.

     I do not own your house and you do not own mine. I have no right to regulate entry to your house and you have no right to regulate entry to mine. Since we have no such right, we cannot delegate it to the United States Government.

     The United States Government does not own the country in the sense that a theater proprietor owns a building and has a right to restrict entry and charge money for tickets. There does not exist a right to regulate immigration. No matter how you interpret or misinterpret the United States Constitution, the United States Government cannot acquire authority by manufacturing documents.

     The U.S. Border Patrol needs to be disbanded. There is no legitimate function for their primary missions of preventing the entry of innocent persons or the drugs some consumers want. If you don’t like immigrants, you should not have to hire them or house them, and if you don’t like drugs you don’t have to buy any.