In a free country, each citizen would freely decide what drugs, if any, to use. If somebody does drugs, that does not violate anybody’s rights and therefore is part of their unalienable right to liberty, a right of inestimable value to them and formidable to tyrants only, a right which no government can justly infringe.

     Let me illustrate the flaw in Kelly Ayotte’s line of thinking. Mr. and Mrs. Twenty are young, and they want to drink some booze. Of course, their drinking the beverage of their choice is no violation of anybody’s rights, but Ayotte notes that if they drink too much, they could even die from an elevated level of alcohol in their blood. Ayotte wants to do what she can to stop them, because she cares so much about them. At age 20, they are too young to know what they are doing. Let’s say somebody buys for them and they get caught right outside the liquor store. Let’s say Mr. and Mrs. Twenty resist arrest, borrowing the cop’s gun to settle the matter out of court. Now Ayotte hates them so much that she wants them to die of an elevated level of Sodium Pentothal in their blood. After all, at age 20, they knew what they were doing. What is missing is a way to provoke Ayotte exactly enough that she simply throws up her hands and gives up, reserving limited resources on persons less defiant.

     Ayotte is a member of the Statist cult. They worship flags, badges, benches and lawbooks. Their creed is “God bless America” and often Semper Fidelis, and to Statists, it is blasphemy to say that unalienable rights preempt the Rule of Law. However, by definition, unalienable rights do preempt the Rule of Law when the two things conflict with each other.

     Maybe if it hadn’t been for all these governmental efforts to curtail drug abuse, I might have died of an overdose years ago. Maybe such efforts saved my life, and I wouldn’t be here, telling off the bureaucrats. I wonder what it will take to make the bureaucrats wish they had left me alone.

     Most voters who claim to oppose drug abuse are silent about forced drugging in mental hospitals. Most politically correct liberals who howl furiously about discrimination against homosexuals are silent about the drinking age, a real hate crime against persons younger than 21. Homosexuals made that choice, but nobody chose to be younger than 21.

     Many druggies never had anybody actually care about them, just people who wanted to punish and control them, to feel superior. “Don’t drink that! Don’t smoke that! Brush your teeth! Do your homework!” But nobody cares about them when they cannot find a date or get a job. These druggies may feel they are hurting the busybodies by doing drugs.