How does Tom Alciere compare with Ron Paul?

The biggest issue where I differ from Ron Paul is immigration, where I support open borders and Ron Paul supports a border fence, and an amendment to the United States Constitution to deny U.S. citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants.

Ron Paul denounces U.S. aid to Israel, but the very State of Israel was created because, during the Shoah, Jews had nowhere to flee, because of U.S. immigration policies and U.S. government’s intimidation of the Haitian government. Hitler was burning the house down while the federal government of the United States blocked the fire exit, murdering an estimated 5,100,000 Jewish folks and millions of others.

To phase in open borders, Tom would support an effort to admit the top 1000 scorers on a test of Standard American English the first year, doubling this quota every year until there is more quota to fill than there are applicants to fill it; and Tom would support a moratorium on hiring Border Patrol agents.

Abortion: Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere is a pro-life candidate. Tom will introduce a bill to make the District of Columbia a safe haven for pregnant runaways whose parents want to force them to undergo abortions.

Money: Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere supports a return to the gold and silver standards, with the two metals fluctuating against each other with market forces. Tom would support an effort to introduce ten-gram gold and ten-gram silver coins and allow mints around the world to manufacture substantially identical coins, with their own identifying marks. These would circulate with their USA-made counterparts all over the world. (It would be considered highly dishonorable for the Rpyal Canadian Mint to manufacture coins identical to Krugerrands, for example, unless of course they got permission from the South African government. The Royal Canadian Mint would be encouraged to make its distictly marked versions of these ten-gram coins. Payees and investors would not care which mint produced the coins they are handed, any more than persons investing in gold one-troy-ounce Maple Leaf coins care which year they get.)

Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere supports an audit of the Fed, and its abolition.

Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere wants to get government out of health care.

Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere wants to call off the War on Drugs.

Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere wants to eliminate federal grants to the States.

Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere respects the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers. If you don’t know what this is, please don’t vote in any Congressional election, because you are not smart enough to govern other people. We keep trying to elect candidates who will respect this doctrine, and you keep voting in our elections, based only on information your TV spoon-fed you.

Like Ron Paul, Tom Alciere supports the right to keep and bear arms.

Ron Paul is more calm and cool, more educated than Tom Alciere. But what Tom lacks in word command, he offsets with greater accuracy: Ron Paul would speak of taxpayers while Tom Alciere prefers to call them taxation victims. Ron Paul includes himself in the federal government’s wrongdoings, (We marched in and we can march out. 2007 Ron Paul 40:11.) Tom Alciere prefers to speak of the federal government as they. Tom prefers to be careful about putting somebody’s name as the subject of an action verb when the person did not perform the action: (A candidate does not defeat an opponent, voters do.) Tom also prefers to be precise when speaking of voters: Ron Paul did not get elected by the voters of his district, but only by the ones who voted for him. The voters did not reject a ballot question, a majority of them did. Instead of the inaccurate, the voters overwhelmingly support the ban on selling cocaine. (which portrays a group of dark-grey chessmen living in peaceful harmony on the chessboard) Tom would more likely say, The overwhelming majority of voters support the ban on selling cocaine. (which portrays them more accurately as a mob of black chessmen ganging up on a few white chessmen.)