2 September 2010

From: Tom Alciere


    Tom Alciere denounced  what he called "campaign posters" for one of his opponents in the Republican primary for U.S. Senator today.  Alciere referred to posters in state liquor stores and beer stores throughout New Hampshire, "portraying Ayotte posing with gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests, trying to intimidate Mr. and Mrs. Twenty into living a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle, into giving up their right to drink; and trying to intimidate the rest of us out of supplying to them the beverage they want."
    Alciere, campaigning on a platform of liberty and justice for all, opposes underage drinking laws, and says these choices should be left to individuals and their parents "just like in a free country."
    "These posters will appeal to voters who want a police state,  as Ayotte is certainly their candidate; and to hypocrites who, for obvious reasons, would rather impose the drinking age on somebody else than impose tough drunk driving laws on themselves. They were printed at state expense and are posted in state liquor stores." Alciere said.